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According to the statistics from the National Planning Authority (NPA), over 700,000 students graduate every year to join the job market.However, only 13% of 700,000 are able to find jobs as soon as they graduate leaving out the remaining 87% jobless.

This has affected the parents, graduates and the Government in a number of ways such as increase in suicidal cases, robbery cases. According to experts, this is attributed to the fact that most of the Ugandan fresh graduates don’t have skills required by the employees which creates a mismatch making it harder to tackle youth unemployment.

With the aim of bridging this gap, Career Path Uganda has mobilized different career mentors from various fields to offer online career training to students and graduates from different universities such as Makerere, KIU, Ndejje and IUIU have also teamed up with career path in order to foster this program.

The train is going to be in series cutting across various sectors such as engineering, medicine, finance, information, Law and information technology which will run within an interval of 2 weeks.

While speaking to the Executive Director of Career path Mr. Andrew Magunda, the training is aimed at developing someone’s career potential by acquiring various skills that are needed in the job market today.

‘’One of our goals is to prepare young people for the future world of work by connecting them to employers to learn employability skills and to market their skills to employers. This is what we are putting into practice now. We invite all university students especially finalists and graduates to this free online training so as to prepare when it’s still early,’’ Mr. Magunda explained.

The training will be conducted on either zoom or Google meet, we shall keep you postedCareer path is a registered Ugandan Non-profit organization committed to stimulating career development for the Ugandan society.

It is aimed at integrating career teaching and learning in Uganda’s education system.

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